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Placement will be confirmed by receipt of acceptance via email.

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SECTION 3 : Programs


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Limited places are available to ensure appropriate ratios to conduct an effective program.

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SECTION 4 : Payment Details
1. Cheque Payment - Complete application form and mail cheque made payable to 'Ozlink Ltd' to - Ozlink Ltd 'Be-Fit Sports Basketball Program' 20/F Central Tower, 28 Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong.* If mail enrolment please note 'first come, first serve' with applications.

2. Account Deposit – Hang Seng Bank - Ozlink Ltd - 773-617857-883 - enter attendee name and camp details or inform Ozlink of date and details of deposit

SECTION 5 : Medical Details
Does your child suffer from any allergies, medical condition or physical limitations that our Coaches should be aware of?
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If so, please outline below.

SECTION 6 : Consent Details
In enrolling in the Be-Fit Sports Basketball Development Program, I agree to abide by the policies as outlined on website or is available upon emailing a request for the policies to admin@befitsports.com. I agree to not hold Be-Fit Sports Basketball Development Program responsible for any injury, loss, or any other occurrences as a result in the participation in the program. I consent that I permit emails to be sent to provided email address for future programs/correspondence.
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SECTION 7 : Extra Equipment order
Ball $220
(if required)
Singlet $220

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